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Streetlight Financial Foundation Proudly Kicks Off

Streetlight Financial Foundation Officially Kicks Off

Streetlight Financial Foundation Officially Kicks Off

In October 2022, Streetlight Financial Foundation was officially launched at the picturesque Worthington Pond Winery. This momentous event, which garnered tremendous support, featured a delightful wine-tasting experience and a banquet generously donated by Prudential. The attendees were also given hoodies bearing the foundation’s logo as tokens of appreciation.

Streetlight Financial Foundation

The Foundation aims to make a positive financial impact on a chosen cause each year. With a solid commitment to responsibility, integrity, and inclusion, the foundation’s founding partners, Aaron Smith, and Mark Vaclavicek, have established a selection committee to identify and reward one nominated cause or organization annually. This carefully selected recipient will receive the foundation’s support throughout the calendar year.

As part of the selection process, organizations and causes are invited to submit nominations and applications, which the foundation’s committee will thoroughly evaluate. By doing so, Streetlight Financial Foundation hopes to inspire positive change and address the evolving needs of the communities it serves.

With the successful launch event at Worthington Winery, the Streetlight Financial Foundation embarks on its mission to create a lasting impact in philanthropy. By combining financial support and community engagement, the foundation is poised to make a significant difference for deserving causes year after year.