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Friends of Children Launch Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy Program Friends of Children Streetlight Financial Foundation

Friends of Children has been selected as a distinguished beneficiary by Streetlight Financial Foundation for 2023 as part of our commitment to supporting impactful organizations. This recognition comes in light of the organization’s exceptional work in supporting and advocating for vulnerable children, marking it as the first major fundraising cause in its history. Discover The Inspiring Work Of Friends Of Children Friends of Children is a national nonprofit organization that operates a unique and proven long-term professional mentoring program. The organization selects and invites youth who face multiple systemic obstacles and have unique talents, interests, and dreams to be paired with a paid, professional mentor called a Friend. The Friends are hired and trained to provide support to the youth from as early as age 4 through high school graduation, spanning over 12 years. The core focus of Friends of Children is building sustained and nurturing relationships with the youth. Each child receives a dedicated, one-on-one Friend who listens to their hopes and dreams, empowers them to set and achieve goals, and creates meaningful experiences that help them build life skills and make healthy choices. The program aims to explore and develop the diverse talents and interests of the children. Overall, Friends of Children is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth by providing them with long-term mentoring support and empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Unearth The Value Of Our Contribution To Friends Of Children: Financial Literacy Program This collaboration between Friends of Children and Streetlight Financial Foundation marks the beginning of an exciting journey as they launch their innovative Financial Literacy Program. The primary goal of this program is to address the critical lack of financial literacy among young people, recognizing the importance of financial education in empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions, effectively manage their money, and build a secure financial future. Sadly, many young people today face limited access to quality financial education, leaving them ill-prepared to navigate the complexities of personal finance. However, with the launch of the Financial Literacy Program, a significant step is being taken to tackle this widespread issue. By equipping young people with the necessary financial knowledge and skills, Friends of Children and Streetlight Financial Foundation are actively working towards fostering a brighter and financially secure future for the next generation. To ensure the program’s success, Friends of Children will collaborate with finance and education experts to design a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the children and youth they serve. This curriculum will provide age-appropriate lessons and activities, allowing participants to develop a solid financial knowledge foundation through interactive workshops, educational resources, and mentoring opportunities. By covering essential financial topics such as budgeting, saving, and understanding credit, the program aims to instill vital financial knowledge in its participants. The generous support provided by Streetlight Financial Foundation will enable Friends of Children’s Financial Literacy Program to reach a broader audience and have a more significant impact. Demonstrating their commitment to promoting financial education and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation, Streetlight Financial Foundation has pledged to donate 100% of its fundraising efforts in 2023 to Friends of Children. Both Friends of Children and Streetlight Financial Foundation share a common vision of empowering youth and building stronger communities. By joining forces, they can amplify their efforts and create lasting change. Together, they are dedicated to equipping young people with the financial tools they need to thrive, ultimately contributing to a society where financial literacy is widespread and individuals have the knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions. Through the collaborative efforts of these two organizations and their commitment to providing quality financial education, the Financial Literacy Program has the potential to transform the lives of countless young people, setting them on a path towards financial independence, security, and a brighter future.

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Streetlight Financial Foundation Proudly Kicks Off

In October 2022, Streetlight Financial Foundation was officially launched at the picturesque Worthington Pond Winery. This momentous event, which garnered tremendous support, featured a delightful wine-tasting experience and a banquet generously donated by Prudential. The attendees were also given hoodies bearing the foundation’s logo as tokens of appreciation. Streetlight Financial Foundation The Foundation aims to make a positive financial impact on a chosen cause each year. With a solid commitment to responsibility, integrity, and inclusion, the foundation’s founding partners, Aaron Smith, and Mark Vaclavicek, have established a selection committee to identify and reward one nominated cause or organization annually. This carefully selected recipient will receive the foundation’s support throughout the calendar year. As part of the selection process, organizations and causes are invited to submit nominations and applications, which the foundation’s committee will thoroughly evaluate. By doing so, Streetlight Financial Foundation hopes to inspire positive change and address the evolving needs of the communities it serves. With the successful launch event at Worthington Winery, the Streetlight Financial Foundation embarks on its mission to create a lasting impact in philanthropy. By combining financial support and community engagement, the foundation is poised to make a significant difference for deserving causes year after year.

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